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Plant Care

What is a succulent?

A succulent is any plant that retains water. This includes cactus!

General tips for succulent care.

Overall, succulents are low maintenance plants and require little love.

Water your plants once every two weeks with the provided shot glass. Room temperature water is best. Every home has different humidity levels. After the first week of making your terrarium use the skewer stick provided and put it into the dirt. If it comes out clean, water it. If it comes out dirty, DON’T WATER, it’s always better to underwater than overwater. Set an alarm in your calendar to help you remember when to water your plants.

The large majority of succulents LOVE sunlight. There are a rare few that like medium to low light. Place your terrarium near a window, south facing is ideal. Be sure to move your terrarium away from chilly windows during winter months. If the succulent isn’t getting enough light, it will look stretched, lose colour or will start drying up.