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Plant Care

This is a general guide to care for your succulents. Keep in mind every house/office has different temperatures, humidity and light. Some of these tips may need to be adjusted according to their home. More detailed plant care coming soon!


Amount of light

Most succulents & cacti like medium to lots of light 4-6 hours of the day.

Warning sign: Succulent petals look “stretched”.
Solution: Place in more light.



Put filtered room temperature water into a spray bottle and squirt water at the base of the plant once a week. 5-6 squeezes should do it. Do not over water**

Warning sign: Dry tips of plant, dullness of colour.
Solution: Water more often.
Warning sign: Succulent petals look waterlogged and heavy.
Solution: Re-pot as soon as possible.


Where to keep them

Window sill in the summer, end table in the winter. Don’t leave them on the sill in winter, it’s too cold for them!

Warning: Do not put your plant in direct sunlight, it can get a sunburn! Do not temp shock your plants (warm home, out in the cold). If you do take them outside in the cold, bundle them with newspaper!


When to fertilize

Fertilize in the spring and late summer.

What to use

You can use cactus fertilizer. Be sure to use half the amount recommended and water at base of plants.

Warning: Too much fertilizer will make your plants looks weedy and overgrown.

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